In 1974 Mr. George Tassone, a pioneer in the swimming pool industry, started "Atreo" manufacturing company in Brooklyn, New York. "Atreo" was one of the very first swimming pool manufacturing businesses in America. Mr. Tassone's loyal son George Jr., at age 15, was there by his Father’s side. He attentively watched his Dad’s every move as the early stages of swimming pool history unfolded before his eyes.

“Atreo” had three partners, who eventually split up. One of them became a salesman, the second one formed “Polytech Pool MFG.”, and Mr. Tassone created “Poseidon Pools, Inc.”.

While most pool suppliers chose inexpensive imported steel pools, Mr. Tassone was quality-oriented and favored superior aluminum pools that were proudly made in the U.S.A.. “Poseidon Pools” specialized in manufacturing deck pools and Mr. Tassone is well-known for his developing the first above ground oval swimming pool in the pool-making industry.

As years went by Mr. Tassone expanded his pool business into the hot tub field and formed “American Pools & Spas”. Always creating and pushing himself to higher levels Mr. Tassone grew his companies. He also formed “Poseidon Pools of America, Inc.” which built up to having 16 swimming pool retail outlets across the country. This business was listed and publicly traded on Wall Streets "New York Stock Exchange".


President / CEO
Vice President
IT Engineer

Sadly, Mr. Tassone passed away in May 1997. He was a True Legend and major force in the swimming pool industry. His great accomplishments will live on forever. He is best remembered for his honesty, integrity, and heart of gold.

George Tassone Jr. currently has over 40-year experience in manufacturing various types of swimming pools. He constantly strives to follow in his great Father’s footsteps.

In 2001, Mr. Tassone formed “Pool Factory, Inc.”. He is filled with the same passion, hard-working ethics, ingenuity, and pride instilled in him by his Father.

In 2009, Pool Factory, Inc. entered into a joint venture agreement with Wilbar International, Inc., a leading Giant in the swimming pool industry. Mr. Tassone, working together with colleagues from Wilbar, invented the EZ Panel Pool which is now claimed by many specialists to be one of the finest quality swimming pools ever designed. 


In 2016, Mr. Tassone teamed up with Mr. Fred Ford, a very talented and skilled Mechanical and Processing Engineer. Mr. Ford is also a Programmer in Robotics, former Deputy Director of the Machine-Building Plant, and a gifted Inventor. He has created many varied types of Inventions in the area of Military and Home-Based Products. Mr. Ford is also a Chess Master and Self-Defense Master. As a result of their creative and mutual cooperation, Mr. Tassone and Mr. Ford established “Playgo Pool Products” in Wilkes-Barre, PA. 

Mr. Fred Ford’s gifted son, Mr. Rafael Ford has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and is also a Chess Master. He is responsible for all Computer and IT related work at Playgo Pool Products, Inc.

Playgo Pool Products, Inc. has created its own new line of unique and revolutionary above, semi & in ground pools. It has also started plans developing many other aquatic products such as: Pool Decking, Pool Games, Pool Toys, Portable Pool Massagers and Trainers and other items soon to be released in the swimming pool industry.


Company:PlayGo Pool Products, Inc.
E-mail: info@playgopoolproducts.com
Address:92 South Empire Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702